M. Phillips
R. Taylor

I work to empower student researchers and increase retention for all students in STEM by fostering strong mentorship relationships. 

Katherine Feldmann

CU Boulder 

Honors Thesis Student

Awarded CU Boulder BSI, CU UROP funding, 

NSF REU, & EBIO Research Grant

Cori Carver

CU Boulder 

Awarded CU Boulder BSI, CU UROP funding, 

DFO & EBIO Research Grant

Alex Pineda

Centaurus High School Student

I have worked with undergraduate and high school students throughout my PhD establishing the Boulder Chickadee Study from: nest box building, chickadee wrangling, and project design. 

My goal as a mentor is to develop independent thinkers through hands-on work. I empower students to view themselves as scientists by helping them develop their own research questions, troubleshoot methods, and think critically about their work.

Currently, I directly mentor and co-mentor undergraduates working on independent research projects detailed below.

Chickadee nestling

diet composition

Chickadee plumage



nest materials