The Boulder Chickadee Study

G. Semenov

I have developed the Boulder Chickadee Study as an experimental framework and community science network to explore questions in evolutionary biology.

I have built and deployed 350 nest boxes throughout private land in Boulder County, CO.


I use these nest boxes to monitor chickadee breeding and measure hybridization between wild black-capped and mountain chickadees breeding in Boulder, CO


Using genomic tools, I am currently characterizing the population structure of Colorado chickadees using whole genomes and assessing where chickadees interbreed relative to human disturbances.


Future work will characterize the genomic signature of this interbreeding by assessing 1) what genes are exchanged between the two species and 2) what genes likely maintain species identity (i.e., are not shared between the species).


Thanks to the many graduate, undergraduates, community college, and high school students I have worked with to get this project up and running and to the landowners who have supported this project and the sciences.