Evolutionary Genomics in

Backyard Birds

A. Hund


Speciation, hybridization, genomics,
human change, community science

I'm currently an NSF Predoctoral fellow and PhD Candidate at CU Boulder working with Dr. Scott Taylor in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department.

I study how humans alter the way closely-related species interact and the evolutionary consequences of those cross-species behavioral shifts. Specifically, I explore how when humans build cities, they can change how species that live there interact, and in some cases, cause them to interbreed and produce hybrids. This hybridization in human-altered environments highlights the power of habitat disturbances to break well-established species barriers. However, few studies have experimentally assessed how disturbances drive hybridization. 


Combining genomics and field studies, I investigate how disturbance modifies interactions between chickadees to promote hybridization. My work focuses on establishing a long-term study, the Boulder Chickadee Study, as an experimental framework and community science network to explore basic natural histories of Colorado chickadees, and to improve our understanding of how humans shape evolutionary trajectories.  

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Kathryn Grabenstein
University of Colorado, Boulder
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
kagr3234 "at" colorado